HR and Ops

For expert HR and Operations in your business

Are you getting started and want a solid foundation for HR and Operations for your business to sustainably scale? 

Avoid the growing pains and contact me, so we can build up a healthy and rapidly growing team.


I can design a customized onboarding program that is tailored to the specific needs of your company and aligns with the values and culture you want to cultivate.

Good recruitment and onboarding practices can increase employee retention by up to 70%. By laying the proper foundations early on, you will be setting your business up for success in the long-term.



Onboarding Manual

I will create a custom onboarding procedure for your company, which will be easy to implement and maintain as the company grows. I will take your company structure and culture into account.

Operations Structuring

If you are just getting started and need some help getting your internal operations going, it can be overwhelming. I can help you get organised and assist you in selecting which programmes to invest in and which you can build on your own. 

Recruitment Planning

You have a great business, a vision and drive, and now you need talent. I'm offering to set up a recruitment structure to help you write better and clearer job posts, find the best job boards and formulate meaningful interview questions.