Research-Driven Product Manager with Strong Communication Skills

As a certified Product Manager with a varied academic and vocational background, I possess a distinctive blend of skills that enable me to excel in my role. My strengths lie in my capability to motivate and inspire teams, cultivating a collaborative and innovative environment. Effective communication is fundamental to my approach, enabling me to engage stakeholders, comprehend their requirements, and convey a compelling vision.

Recent Work

To better understand my expertise and accomplishments, I encourage you to explore the links below. These will give you insight into my recent projects, as well as detailed case studies that showcase the practical applications of my skills. By exploring these resources, you'll have the opportunity to see firsthand how I approach challenges, innovate solutions, and deliver meaningful results.

WanderPod Tours

WanderPod Tours presents an exceptional podcast series, guiding listeners on a virtual expedition across diverse cities, providing a captivating fusion of history, culture, and immersive encounters. The core objective of WanderPod Tours is to render history and cultural exploration accessible and enthralling for travellers and aficionados of heritage.


A custom guiding app that lets users explore a city and enables them to create unique travel experiences and gain local insights into the area.


Aperture is a fictional photosharing app that played a central role in my product management certification, as the case study I worked on throughout the course.

As the product manager, I guided the filter feature through a user-centred product development journey, which involved identifying issues, brainstorming solutions, creating prototypes, conducting user evaluations, and iteratively refining the feature. This comprehensive process culminated in a successful launch, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.